Rufus presents new CD ~ Celebration

Posted: October 17, 2022

Rufus Reid Trio w/ the SIRIUS QUARTET on Sunnyside Records ~

Rufus Reid – bass, Steve Allee –pianist, Duduka da Fonseca –drums, Kenneth Salters – drums Fung Chern Hwei, violin, Gregor Huebner, violin, Ron Lawrence, viola, Jeremy Harman, cello

This CD is an expansion of a vinyl recording project I did for Newvelle Records in 2016. Elan Mehler, Producer, of Newvelle Records asked me to record music I’d never recorded before! I have always wanted to record the trio with strings. When I heard the Bill Evans’ 1960 album with strings (Bill Evans Trio with Symphony Orchestra, Claus Ogerman, arranger, conductor), I fell in love with that concept. I still love that recording! So, that’s what we did. Two years after the release of the vinyl and two more years consumed by the pandemic, we went back into the studio with the Sirius Quartet and Kenneth Salters to add two additional compositions to the vinyl’s existing tracks. We recorded “Celebration,” my composition, and Steve Allee’s “The Rise of The Row”. These two new pieces bookend the CD. We also restored Sam Jones’ “One For Amos” from the original recording session that was not included in the album. The Sirius Quartet is truly serious and a joy to work with! As a unit, they have an awesome sound. Their contribution to this recording is huge! They made our arrangements and ensemble writing truly sing. Their individual solos were glistening, as well. I am very proud of this recording and I want you to hear it.

Go to the Video Tab to see the promo video of “Celebration” and Steve Allee’s “Rise of the Row.”

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