Rufus in Melbourne, AU

Posted: January 1, 2019

November saw me at the Double Bass Day at Melbourne Conservatory of Music. Rob Nairn spearheaded this amazing day, even to bringing me for this event. It was wonderful to see the young people performing. Our instrument is in good hands. Michael Tortoni gave me two nights at his JazzLab Club. That is one amazing place. It is just beautiful, and he has developed an excellent listening audience. I was honored to perform there. The day after I arrived in Melbourne, I was pleased to be part of an intimate evening at Atelier Puglisi. I think about 40 bassists came to see me, one coming from Singapore, one from Perth, two from Tasmania. We played, talked and ate the most fantastic spread you can imagine, all provided by Annelies, wife of Ben Puglisi. Ben has a beautiful shop, and that night we filled that shop with music, talk, wine and food! Thank you, Ben, for this inspiring evening. We were also able to spend some downtime with Heidi and Rob and family. That was very, very special. Thank you, Rob for such an incredible trip.

Our evening at Ben Puglisi’s shop