Rufus Reid with Newvelle Live

Posted: April 9, 2021

Every week in April 2021, Newvelle invites you to experience live concerts at our favorite studio – East Side Sound – where we’ve recorded each of our first five seasons. But for the first time, you’ll have a chance to see Newvelle artists perform, streaming to wherever you are in the world.

Jon Cowherd, Steve Cardenas and Simon Willson: April 2

John Patitucci, Yotam Silberstein and Roggerio Bocato: April 9

Tim Berne and Gregg Belisle-Chi: April 16

Rufus Reid and Sullivan Fortner: April 23

Carmen Staff and Allison Miller: April 30

What is Newvelle Live?

With live performances all but eliminated due to the pandemic, Newvelle Live gives you a novel way to support artists and institutions who are preserving the legacy of jazz for a new generation. Anyone can join. All we ask is that you consider making a contribution to support the musicians performing every Friday in April. Contributions will be divided equally among the 12 artists performing throughout the series.

Newvelle, thanks to the generous support of musician and entrepreneur Alex Rigopolous, covers the entire overhead for producing and recording this series. So all of the money that is donated for this streaming series goes straight to the musicians.

This series is designed as a radical experiment: one that explores the relationship between musician and fan, and an attempt to strengthen our communities and support musicians at a critical time.
As society slowly starts to spin forward again, we are given a chance to reassess how we value music.