Deep Tones For Peace

Posted: January 20, 2021

This event will be presented on January 21st, the day after the Presidential Inauguration.
“Change has Come” ​will be a musical event to commemorate ​the hope represented by new leadership. Sounds and silences of 90 performers will be transmitted in succession, beginning at 8am EST and continuing until all have been heard. The musician/healers will play to help our world get back in tune – to soothe wounds inflicted by the serial lies, injustices and escalating hate so prevalent in recent years. They will offer music as meditation and celebration, to help us both reflect and look forward.

The musical initiative ​Deep Tones for Peace ​originated in 2009 with a telematic performance between Jerusalem and Manhattan, and has continued with annual iterations until the present day. Deep Tones for Peace 2020 was launched by Mark Dresser and William Parker. A daily streaming of live meditations for peace, healing and transformation has continued unbroken for 26 weeks and will conclude with this final presentation.

Individual participants volunteer 5 or more minutes of music with the intent to send healing vibrations to be felt worldwide. The open call welcomes all bassists who wish to join in an ongoing musical transmission of vibrations for peace. Any style or form of music and any level bass player is welcome. We truly believe this project will have a positive impact on the balance of life.