"Quiet Pride - The Elizabeth Catlett Project" received 2 Nominations for the 57th GRAMMY Awards!

  • Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album
  • Best Instrumental Composition for "Recognition"
Listen to "Recognition" from Quiet Pride

A Message from Rufus Reid

I am still amazed, stunned and extremely pleased. I feel so honored. I am so grateful that you took the time to listen to my music and to vote for me. I am extremely pleased that the music will now have even more exposure and wider recognition. There are many people to thank but perhaps one must start with the musicians. This recording showcases hand picked, stellar, professionals. Their great artistry and their heart made this recording what it is. Dennis Mackrel conducted magnificently. Akira Tana brought his great skill as a Producer. (I knew I could put it in his hands) James Farber recorded this music perfectly. It’s pretty amazing to have something in my subconscious of how I want a piece to sound. Then for really creative individuals to come in and render it and take it completely to another place that I couldn’t have even imagined -- it’s thrilling. There were times I actually had goose bumps.

This I know, Quiet Pride has enriched my life about what I do and why I do it.

Of course, my gratitude to Elizabeth Catlett for creating such beauty and providing the inspiration for all of this.

Huge thanks to Suzi Reynolds, my manager, Jana Herzen of Motéma Music for releasing this album, Robin Tomchin, the project manager, Cary Goldberg and Scott Thompson for their constant work to keep the magazine articles and radio interviews going, so that you knew I had music to listen to! I thank all of you. Come to the Jazz Standard February 26- March 1, 2015, to hear Quiet Pride and more of my compositions with this incredible large jazz ensemble! Be sure to make reservations!

More Information about Quiet Pride

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Commission gave me the unique opportunity to compose a work dedicated to this great artist, Elizabeth Catlett.  Her life and her art inspired me to introduce her artistry through my music to people who might not know about her, me or my music.  We met and became friends, which will always be a part of me.  One of her three sons is a wonderful musician, but I was her first musician friend to write a work this ambitious.  I began writing "Quiet Pride – The Elizabeth Catlett Project," a five-movement, hour-long suite for a 20-piece ensemble in 2006.  She did hear the audio of the debut performance, but I only wish she were here now to hear this spectacular recording!  She left us just before she turned 97, in 2012. The Quiet Pride Sculptures are:  Recognition, Mother And Child, Stargazer, Singing Head, and Glory!   
Check her out. You will be glad you did.


Composed and arranged by Rufus Reid

Conducted by Dennis Mackrel

Rufus Reid - bass

Herlin Riley (drums)

Steve Allee (piano)

Vic Juris (guitar)

Tim Hagans, Ingrid Jensen, Freddie Hendrix, and Tanya Darby, (trumpets);

Steve Wilson, Erica von Kleist, Tom Christensen, Carl Maraghi, and Scott Robinson, (reeds);

Dave Taylor, Ryan Keberle, Michael Dease, and Jason Jackson, (trombones);

John Clark and Vincent Chancey (French horns);

Charenee Wade (vocals)

Produced by Akira Tana




  • 02/08/2015
    The 57th GRAMMY’S
    The GRAMMY\'s
    Los Angeles, CA
  • 02/15/2015
    Rufus Reid Quartet
    Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival
    Rockville, MD
  • 02/18/2015
    RR Residency/Concert~Univ of Colorado, Boulder, CO
    Thompson Jazz Studies Program
    Boulder, CO