Milt Hinton Day

June 12 in Oberlin, Ohio at the Oberlin College & Conservatory, we honored the great bassist, Milt Hinton. This is the 1st Annual Milt Hinton Institute Workshop. All week long we interacted, coached and performed with 25+ young bassist. Congratulations to Oberlin College for acquiring Milt’s instruments, hundreds of photographs and artifacts. It is awesome. Bassist Peter Dominguez is directly responsible for this event to happen. Virtuoso bassist, Diana Gannett, performed and she played my composition, ‘Caress The Thought’. I was so honored. This woman can play a whole note and give me goose bumps! Richard Davis, Scott Dixon, Philip Alejo, Sue Yelanjian, Audrey Meltzer. John Clayton were there along with Gerald Cannon, John Kennedy, Donovan Stokes, and Jerry Jermott. Billy Hart was here and Gary Bartz, too. BASS LOVE was everywhere and it was been an incredible week. This review is extensive and worth your time.


  • 04/30/2017
    Rufus Reid Trio, Arlington, MA, Jazz Festival
    The Sixth Annual ​Arlington Jazz Festival
    Arlington, Massachusetts
  • 05/18/2017 - 05/20/2017
    Rufus Reid at The 2017 Symposium of ISJAC
    2017 International Jazz Composers Symposium
    Tampa, Florida
  • 06/05/2017 - 06/10/2017
    Rufus Reid at The International Society of Bassists Conference
    Ithaca , New York

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